News and Events

2020-11-03 - Postdoctoral Fellowship Position in Deep Learning for Computer Vision available in Dr. Gunho Sohn’s Lab

2020-07-23 - Postdoctoral Fellowship Position in Computer Vision available in Human and Computer Vision laboratory of James Elder

2020-05-30 - PhD student Gong Chen (Elder lab) receives  Best Computer Vision paper award at the 2020 Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV)

2020-02-18 - Multiple Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and SLAM available in Dr. Gunho Sohn's Laboratory

2020-01-29 - James Elder: Single-View 3D Shape from Contour - keynote at the BMVA Symposium: 3D Worlds from 2D Images in Humans and Machines 

2019-03-01 - ISSUM Research Project Manager Position available

2019-01-07 - Researchers from Elderlab invent novel computer vision system for automatic hockey videography

2018-12-08 - Software/Systems Engineer Position available in Elderlab

2018-12-08 - Postdoctoral Fellowship Position in Computer Vision available in Elderlab

2018-12-06 - Elderlab develops computer vision system to extract 3D building models from a single image

2018-10-26 - Nov, 26, 2018 – James Elder appointed as a Co-Chair of  York University’s new Artificial Intelligence and Society Task Force

2018-10-10 - VISTA Innovation Series: Active Safety Systems, Computer Vision & Algorithms

2018-08-02 - Research2Reality: A Visionary Approach to Artificial Intelligence

2018-07-25 - ISSUM 3D Cityscape Modeling Workshop

2018-07-02 - Discover VISTA’s world-class researchers through Research2Reality videos

2018-06-29 - ISSUM Intelligent Transportation Systems Workshop

2018-06-26 - VISTA Innovation and Technology Day

2018-05-01 - CRV 2018: 15th Conference on Computer and Robot Vision

2018-04-03 - Postdoctoral Fellowship and PhD Studentship in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Photogrammetry

2018-04-01 - Professor James Elder appointed Tier I York Research Chair in Human and Computer Vision

2018-02-28 - Data Analytics and Visualization Summer School (APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 26, 2018)

2018-02-07 - CVR-VISTA Vision Science Summer School, 2018 (APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 1, 2018)

2018-01-22 - The deadline for CRV 2018 has been extended to Fri Feb 9, 11:59 PST (FINAL DEADLINE)

2018-01-17 - ISSUM held first 3D Cityscape Modeling workshop at Autodesk Canada

2017-11-30 - Lassonde Graduate Studies Open House

2017-07-12 - Professor James Elder wins major ORF grant to support sustainable urban mobility